Book Launch “Religiosity on University Campuses in Africa: Trends and Experiences” at the ECAS 2023

Abdoulaye Sounaye and I officially launched our edited volume Religiosity on University Campuses in Africa: Trends and Experiences at the European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) in Cologne on 2 June 2023. The book is the result of a series of conversations that began at the ECAS in Edinburgh in 2019, with the panel “Religiosity on University Campus”.

Focusing on both individuals and organised groups, the contributions open a window on how religion becomes a factor, influences social interactions, is experienced and mobilised by different actors. It brings together case studies from 12 university campuses in 7 African countries, from different disciplinary backgrounds, to illustrate the significance of religiosity in recent developments on university campuses. It pays particular attention to religion-informed activism and contributes a fresh analysis of the processes that shape both the experience of being a student and the university campus as a moral space.

Some of the authors were also present at the book launch.

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